Red Candle Green Candle

A Crypto Trading Game

Join Red Candle Green Candle, and never have to search for a safe “degen play” again!

Game play

You probably know the children’s game “Red Light Green Light”: The leader says “green light,” and everyone can move forward. When the leader says “red light,” everyone must stop.
Now, exchange that for candles on a crypto chart:
Each round begins with the “Green Candle” phase: The token ($RCGC) launched at a low marketcap (about $300 initially), with sells disabled (and before you panic and shout “honeypot,” check out our safety features below!). Like every fair launch, everyone tries their best to buy as much as they can at the lowest possible price. The price rises and rises, with no dip in sight.
After a certain amount of time (which is decided by the community via polls), the “Red Light” phase ensues: buying is disabled and selling is enabled, and the “fair dump” commences; now it’s time for everyone to dump as fast as they can, with the quickest and luckiest participants netting the most gains.
Once everyone is finished selling and the marketcap is low again, the next round begins.
As more and more members join, the “all-time-highs” can be pushed higher and higher, with (potentially) more profits and more rewards for everyone.

Safety features

Having the power to disable and enable selling be entirely in the hands of the team is quite dangerous, for even when they have the best of intentions, something could always go wrong (e.g. the dev loses access to the contract owner wallet, or is indisposed, etc.) Therefore, we have included several failsafe safety features in the code:

If selling has not been enabled manually for one week, it will be enabled automatically, thus guaranteeing that a round can never last longer than that.

Once selling has been enabled manually, it cannot be disabled for an hour. If it’s enabled automatically, it cannot be disabled again for at least 24 hours. This ensures that the dev cannot immediately disable selling every week (after it reopens), effectively keeping it closed forever.

The length of the buying and selling phases are decided by the community and are announced in the Telegram channel and community chat. This ensures that the dev cannot secretly enable buying/selling and be the first to buy/sell, it is always fair and equal for everyone.

Each individual wallet can only hold 1% of the supply, ensuring that whales cannot dump their tokens all at once, giving a chance to smaller holders to profit as well. This number is adjustable, and may be lowered over time to account for higher marketcaps. The limit on transaction amount can never be set lower than 0.1% of the supply, ensuring a smooth selling experience.

RCGC Tokenomics

3% towards
Ethernal rewards

Ethernal is crypto’s first and only portfolio builder, providing holders with the opportunity to choose up to 6 tokens at a time to receive as rewards, out of a list of over 120 tokens. The rewards are provided as compensation for whoever missed selling the top, gaining them passive income if they choose to hold and wait for another chance in the next round (or for long term holders).

2% towards
buyback and burn

Everyone deserves a chance to profit, but what if someone bought the top? Also, people may be wary to continue buying if they didn’t get in at launch, in case no one buys after them and they have no chance to profit. For this reason, a buyback and burn takes place at the end of each “Green Candle” phase: As soon as buying is disabled and selling enabled, the contract buys a large amount of tokens and removes them from total supply (a “true burn”). This ensures that even the last buyer in the round has a chance to profit, and that the floor will continuously rise, bringing the marketcap higher and higher for each round.

1% towards
dev fee

This is to compensate the dev for his time and hard work, ensuring his continued efforts to make the project a smashing success. Some of these funds may be used for development/marketing purposes as well.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Disclaimer: The Red Candle Green Candle game is decentralized, experimental, and is provided with NO guarantees or warranties of any kind. RCGC tokens tokens are NOT bank deposits, and are NOT legal tender. You agree that playing Red Candle Green Candle is at your own risk. In no event should anyone but yourself be liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by any activities on this site! Investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs are inherently risky activities. You must conduct your due diligence before buying or selling any cryptocurrency or NFT and come to your conclusions.